Let It Happen

12 May 2015

She said Karachi broke my heart
It will happen to you
But by then it was too late
I’d been taken in too

I had learned to love the traffic
Learned to breathe the fumes
Learned to take on my expenses
And take off my shoes

Let's throw it against the wall, see if it will fall
See how much more we can take
Let's give it all away, pyaar honay dey
Just let it happen and see what it will make

She said you’d better watch your step
Out on Clifton Beach
But I was already gone
Drifting out to sea

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She said you could spend your time
Thinking about what you’ve to to lose
You could stand around waiting for
Someone to make a move

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snow in sindh
The ghost of John Denver out on the pier
A place that is far from everything