This is Not That Dawn

05 Aug 2023

In the fall of change we got high on hope
Started to believe they weren’t just giving us some rope
Put him in office like his face would be enough
They were dancing on the roof of the downtown bus

What you are waiting for
This is not that dawn
What you were hoping for
This is not, this is not that dawn

Man I’m through with hoping, I’m done with thoughts and prayers
Waiting on things that I wish were there
You and me, we got to work through the night
And when the sun comes up, no time to give up the fight

Gulf war protests

The ballot box and the bloody flag
This is not that dawn
The color guard and the rockets glare
This is not that dawn
Thoughts and prayers and the rockets glare
This is not that dawn
A changing face in the highest place
This is not that dawn

Think I heard the sounds move the the air
Heard those voices everywhere



Aesthetics of change without the reality
Keeping the door open
Who’s your audience and how did they get their seats